Carrot Salad Recipe: Russian-Korean Carrot Salad (A Vegan Recipe)


Here’s just a really straightforward and effortless carrot salad which you could throw together in the eleventh hour and take compared to this pot luck party. Or whether you get with way too many folks arriving for meals and want more food, then this may round out your own selection. Carrots are healthful and cheap, and also children enjoy these. This is my cheap recipes sweden to get Russian-Korean Carrot Salad.

There is a funny story behind this specific recipe. Several decades back, our family took a journey with them. My sisters, parents, along with among my mum’s sisters all lived abroad to get a cruise of this Scandinavian field of earth, to states such as Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

One of those stops was in Russia, where we all chose an exclusive tour which included lunch at a Russian family’s house. I am aware that the ideal food can be noodle food, therefore I had been excitedly expecting that component of the trip.

She was also kind enough to particularly produce some borscht for me personally, with no meats, and a lettuce salad without oils, therefore I’d have enough to consume.

I adored both meals, and the salad had been odd enough, which I inquired if I may have this recipe. She took me to her kitchen and also awakened out a box of this garbagecan. She’d used a mixture! A lot more interesting, the combination was out of Korea. I realized that the Hangul Around the tag.

I was in a position to take note of the ingredients and come back home to build up a fair facsimile of this salad. It’s consistently well received at potlucks and mixes well with any type of food. Here is the recipe:

1/4 tsp cayenne

1 Tablespoon sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1 Tablespoon rice vinegar

3 Tablespoons petroleum


I strove grating the carrots manually…once. My arm got very tender, I loathed it and never did it again. As an alternative, I decide to get a food processor.

And yet another trick: I never peel off my own carrots. I actually don’t understand why I should. I buy clean and organic them. More fiber and nourishment for people eating it; less benefit mepersonally.

Give this dish Russian-Korean Carrot Salad recipe a go. It’s really a great addition to every meal also includes a wonderful mixture of sweet, salty, sour, and hot and certainly will grab people’s attention.

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